I1 - Wiley 38 Challenge (Live)

January 16, 2019

Live grime bars in the studio. From instagram.com/i1ski



Ruskiman flow

Wig split like mango

Im after success like yankees after gold

Hard hearted like the man dem on the road

How he spit like dat -

All of dem wanna know, blud

Don’t drill my brain, u ain’t know blood

Why they show love, views are bought 

Fakin n u got caught

I spit true stuff, 

Not sumthing u would have thought

Crud chat, face crude, so what

I don’t respect man simply cause of they stats

Imma say how it is 

If its wack than its wack

Jumped one with a gang - 

Jail cells, bailiffs

Thats honour, thats gangsta blood ain’t it

The game need a new balance like trainers

I’d rather slew grime, rap, ballads, maybe

A couple more genres. 

Think thats entertainment?

I take pain, put it in my music, they played it

Don’t f with it, dissecting pricks 

Like a patholgoist. What fruit is he?

Think im chatting bout oranges?

If we chatting bout grime, lets chat about origins

 whats good, 

It’s a chance, i grab all of it  

I wont come 2 late to the game like Lauryn did

We are grime in Russia 

U doubt? Take a foreign trip

Aint scared of rain - first it pour, then drip 

And then - done






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I1 - Wiley 38 Challenge (Live)

January 16, 2019

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